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Blogging in 2020? This 7 points will determine your success.

Jan 1, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

What is Blogging?

All of you know what is blogging and it’s a very old topic for  discussion. I also agree with this . People are more likely to spend time watching youtube videos than reading and understanding a topic ,which you  explained in the blog post or anything written on the internet.

Then, why blogging is so relevant today ?

Yes, blogging is still relevant in this time and there are a lot of reasons for saying that. 

1. No Alternative Medium Has Become Equivalent To Blogging.


 Number one reason is that, still  there is no affordable way to avail an alternative medium .Yes, YouTube, Podcasts etc. are available to people .But those are very limited compared to the resources available in the written form on websites and blogs. So, it would take more time to get those alternative medium to come out with real alternative form of blogging.

So, this situation has opened a new window to bloggers and  website owners. Now there is an ongoing trend in almost every blog to add  audio version of the blog post or add video within the post. Alexa,Siri,Google Home are revolutionising the digital platform now a days.

 So, this is kinda ‘old wine in New bottle’ situation.

2. People are more lazy.


 The people are more lazy to read a whole blog post.  Almost 70 to 80 % of people don’t read a whole paragraph ,rather they are willing to find out most empathize word or group of words, bold words,most matching words with their minds and requirements .

This is a trend ,you can not ignore it. On another side Google is updating its algorithm to find out the genuine post and rank it accordingly. So,it’s a tough game to become viral using blogging. A genuine post with the touch of people’s choice ,can avail you to  get a place in the ranking.Though there is no guarantee of this. So, I personally advise one, not to dive into the blogging without having an additional way of earning money.


3. Reader vs Picker


 In the previous point we told the picking tendency of a reader ie. they are more willing to pick tricky words or bold word. This type of trendency have opened opportunity to advertising firms.People are  easily distracted by sidebar advertisement or catchy captions .This is  one of the marketing tricks ,which is very popular today. On the other side there are genuine readers who are actually want to get informative content, that is a genuine content. Here you have to choose wisely  that, who should be your neach reader ,either of them or both of them.

4. AI Powered Audio Advertising


 Interactive Audio Advertising is also spreading day by day with the growing popularity of Alexa,Google Home, Smart Phone,Smart earphone etc. .

So, if you really want to be in the main stream of blogging, you must have to update your self,update your blog with current trending technologies. Advertising is not only a static and banner ads today. Now AI based Interactive audio advertising also getting popular day by day.

5.What You Are Writing , Has Been Written Already.


  Almost anything, that you are thinking about writing in your blog ,is already written somewhere on  the web.So, SEO,Email Marketing  and other internet marketing tools playing great role for ranking the website.There is a point against this concept.That is google is continuously updating its algorithm to deliver the genuine content.If seo dominates the internet ,then new site will not survive at all , but actually it does not happen.Thousands and thousands of new sites are getting rank on google per month.

6.People often get the wrong impression of Mike


 Develop a good writer within yourself. Make a good Impression first .Land with tons of surprises .But that does not mean,that  only content is king; because you know that-

People often get the wrong impression of Mike.A clever businessman is just one side of Mike. The other side is the same as the rest of us, a true rocker!  -Ronnie Wood,Famous English rock Musician.

 7.Age of Open Internet

 This is an era of open internet ,internet has reached almost every corner of the globe with bulk usage per month.The countries like india(> 560 millions) , China (>829 millions) have millions of users base ( according to its increasing day by day. An opportunity has been opened up towards the bloggers.

Thank you.


P.S. – Inspire Blogging and Share Thoughts.Good community often comes with unexpected help.

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