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Google Doc, an Emerging Giant

Apr 14, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

Now-a day Google Doc has spread its wings over the market and day by day its growing popularity among the various professionals and students of schools and colleges, signifies that, this new technology to be a giant in near future.

In spite of the current fact that the Microsoft Word has vast features and day by day it is updated with the clients’ requirement, this new technology is going to the most important competitor of MS-Word. Some of the key reasons behind this new trend are discussed below.

google docs


If you want to use the current updated version of MS-Word you have to purchase it from Microsoft. A majority of users of Word Processor are normal professionals, schools and college students. They do not need very high memory space to store data. And in Google docs you can do all this staffs at free of cost with 15 GB free storage. You just have to create a Google account to use this feature at online.

Cloud Environment

There is no headache of data loss even if your computer gets shut down at the time of writing; Google will store your work automatically to its cloud server. There is no need to save data manually. You can easily get access into your work space form anywhere in the world through internet.


Google is a trust worthy company with high skilled employee and any one can easily get convinced with its reputation all over the world. So there is a satisfaction with data security on the web.

Sharing Features

Google has very fast sharing capabilities. You can share your work with your colleagues, friend, team members and teachers etc at very fast speed. You can create a common shareable document, where anybody in the group can edit or add new work on the document.

Add On:

Google has huge add-ons collection; you can add those with your Google doc to make your job easier.

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