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How to do ‘MAIL MERGE’ in Microsoft Word – step by step guide.

Apr 14, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

Mail Merge is a powerful feature, added in Microsoft Word. You can use Mail Merge to print personalized form letters to multiple recipients.

What is mail merge in ms word ?

As for example, suppose you want to send interview invitation letters to multiple candidates .The content of all the letters are same but, few things e.g. recipients name, address, designation will be changed in each of these letters. In that case MS Mail-Merge will help you to do that thing.

So, let see how to do mail merge in step by step way.

Mail Merge In MS Word-Set Mail Format:

  • First of all open MS-Word and open a new Document and click on the Mailings tab.
  • Then Click on Start Mail Merge option. Select your desired format from the list, containing letters-Mail Messages, Envelopes and labels Etc.

Mail Merge In MS Word :Sample Letter Content


  • Now write the letter content within the document. Here we have written a document, inviting applicants for the interview.


Dear ,

With reference to your application for the post of _ _ _ _ in our company, ABC Pvt. Ltd,

you are requested to come to our office for F2F interview on 20th January, 2019 .
You should bring one copy of your updated CV at the time of interview. For more
detail you can contact us at below mentioned Mob. No.

Thanks .

HR .
ABC Pvt Ltd.
Mob No.-1234567890
Branch offices at –UK , USA & INDIA.

Mail Merge Word :Creating excel data source -contact name, address etc.

The very next step is that you have to create an excel sheet, containing candidates (or, employees) information such as name, city, country etc.


Mail Merge Word :Import Recipient data from excel sheet.


  • Now go to MS Word document and click on ‘Select Recipients’.
  • After Clicking on that tab a list(multiple options to import recipients data) will be opened.
  • You have to select ‘Use Existing List’.
  • Now windows data source dialogue box will be opened .
  • You have to browse that excel document (containing candidates’ data) and open it.
  • Now, another dialogue box (asking you to select the sheet no .) will be popped up on the screen.
  • Select the sheet no. and submit it.


  • So, the excel data have now been imported and you can use it for mail merge operation.
  • If ,you click on the option, named as Insert Merge Field; then, you can see a list, containing the columns name of that imported excel sheet.


  • Now you have to place the cursor at the appropriate position in the letter content and double click on those column name.
  • e.g. here, at the above letter body we want to import candidates name from the excel sheet and place it just under the word ‘To’. So we have to place cursor under ‘To’ and then click on ‘Insert Merge Field‘and then, you have to select ‘Candidate name’ from the list.
  • After you’ve placed the required columns name into your letter, click on the Preview Results button to see the final result.
  • Click on the right and left arrow, beside Preview Results button to see the all the imported fields.

Mail Merge In MS Word :Print or Send Letter.


  • After clicking on the ‘Finish & Merge‘ button you shall get options like Print Documents , Send Email Messages etc.
  • To print the document, you have to click on Print Documents and then print the files.
  • To send it as email letter, you have to click on Send Email Messages but, before that you have to set your email id at Microsoft Outlook first (if you really want to set mail merge in outlook then you can do this one.)


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