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How to listen to any website article at free of cost, with the Pocket App.

Jan 26, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Listen to any website article at free of cost.

Do you read lots of  websites per day ? Do you feel that this is more time consuming for you to read . Then this trick is going to give you a relief.
Here we are going to give you an option to convert every website into an audio version of it. For this you just have to install an app and  it’s free of cost .Though we don’t know how long it will provide this service at free of cost.

Well,now see how to do that thing. 

1.Go to playstore and search for Pocket app.

2.Now download and install it.

3.Open pocket and signup

4.Now open chrome app and open any web article.

5.Copy the url of the article page by finger  tapping on the url section.It will notify you that ‘url copied

6.Now open the Pocket app.

7.As soon as you land on the home page,it will show you the  following message at the bottom area -Save URL? You have to tap on Save button to save the copied url.

8.Once the url is saved it will be processed and the saved article will be displayed on the page.

9. Now plugin the headphone/ earphone .

10. Go to the Pocket app and you will see a headphone icon on the header section.

11.Just tap that icon and a Play button will arrive on the screen.

12. select the article and tap on the Play button to start the audio.

This is an awesome feature and available for smart phone only.

Pocket is  a book marking application, saves any web article within it and you can search it at a convenient time.There is  a premium version available ,you can try it also.

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