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How to transalate a Website on PC and Smartphone.

Jan 21, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

How to translate a website on PC and Phone:

There are so many interesting things on the internet, but if it’s written in an unknown language, then it becomes very difficult for us to understand.Here we will provide you with an option to translate any website from any language within a minute.So let’s jump straight into the topic on ‘How to translate a website using PC and Mobile’

For PC:

1.Go to google translate.For this you have to type the following url in the  browser

2.There you can find two boxes. Select  ‘DETECT LANGUAGE’ option on your left hand side box .It will detect any language within the website and will translate it accordingly.On the right-hand side box select the language from the drop-down box.The website will be translated to this language.

3. Head over to the website, which you want to translate. Copy the url of that particular page or you can copy the main url of the website.

4.Go back to Google Translate Page.Paste the url in the left hand side box. After a few seconds an url will appear on the right box.Click on that url. Now you will land on the translated  webpage. That’s it.

For Smartphone:

1.Go to the play store and search for google translate app.Download and Install it on your phone.Then  open it .

2.Follow the above steps from 2 to 4.

Other Feature of Google Translate:

There is another unique feature of google doc ie. It can also translate documents. All the supported documents are given below.   

Document extensions- .doc, .docx, .odf, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .ps, .rtf, .txt, .xls, or .xlsx

Steps to translate Document:

1.On the Header area of the google translate, two tabs are present. One is Text and the other one is Documents.

2.You have to click on Documents .
3.Then select DETECT LANGUAGE from the left box and required language in the right box. 

3.Click on Browse your Computer and upload the document with supported format.

4.A Translate tab will appear on the screen .Click on that and the translation process will start.

Translated documents will appear on the screen within a few moments, depending on the length of the document .

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