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How to use the AVEDEV function in MS Excel.

Aug 12, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

What is AVEDEV:

AVEDEV returns the average of the absolute deviations of data points from their mean. Before we learn how to apply the formula in excel, let us clear the concepts of Average Deviation from Mean.

What is Average Deviation from Mean ?

Suppose, you have the following data set {2,4,6,8}. Then we easily calculate the average point of this given set of data .So average point will be (2+4+6+8)/4 =5. Now mean deviation can be expressed as, the difference or deviation of the data points (i.e. 2,4.6,8) from their mean(average) point (i.e. 5).As for example, the absolute deviation of point 2 from its mean point is =|2-5|=|-3|=3 .Here you’ve to notice the absolute term, for which we have taken the mod bracket i.e. | | . So now we’ll calculate Average absolute mean deviation i.e. =( |2-5| + |6-5| + |4-5| + |8-5|)/4 =(3+1+1+3)/4=8/4=2. So, if we write the formula of finding average mean deviation it will look like as following – (1/n) |∑ x-x̄ | .

How to apply AVEDEV function in MS Excel

Now we shall see how to apply the formula in AVEDEV in MSEXCEL. We have the following table, where daily sales transactions are mentioned.

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Now, if you want to evaluate the deviation of total sales from its average daily sales amount, then follow this process .First of all, select a blank cell, where you want to get the avg. mean deviation amount. Then write the following piece of formula in to the cell i.e.
                   =AVEDEV (B2, B8)
 where B2 and B8 are the first and last cell of the total sale column respectively. Here you can select the entire column using mouse instead of putting the first and last cell name manually. Now press enter and you you’ll get the required value.

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