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19 interesting tips and tricks of Microsoft Word

Apr 14, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular Word Processing Software in the world. Even in this highly competitive era of digital technology, it still holds a significant place among the others.
Today we shall discuss about some tricks and beautiful features of MS Word. This Microsoft word tips and tricks, can surely make our writing tasks easier.

1.Create Cell using Keyboard:

  • Write +, then press TAB/Space-bar once,
  • Write + again, again press TAB/Space-bar,
  • Then write + again and press Enter.
  • A table with two cells will be created. In this way, if you increase + signs and spaces between them, the number of cells will also be increased.  

2. Change the lower case letter to upper case and vice-versa:

  • Select some lowercase letters and
  • Press SHIFT, then press F3 button.
  • Selected letters will be turned to uppercase letters. Follow the same steps for lower case letters and those will be turned to uppercase letter.

3. Copyright shortcut key:

  • To attach Copy right symbol with the text you have to press   Ctrl + Alt + c . Example of copy right symbols:   © Abc Pvt. Ltd , © 2019,McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Ltd.

4. Trademark Symbol Shortcut Key:

  • To add Trademark symbol after a word or phrase of words, you have to place the cursor just after the last letter of that word/s
  • Then press CTRL+ALT+T.  
  • Example- eBay™   .
  • In the same way you can add Registered Trademark also. Then you have to press CTRL+ALT+R .Example- Nestle® .
  •   If you want to add Service mark symbol after word/s do the following – write 2120 and press ALT+X. Example-Prime Diary™ Exclusive Paper Product.

5. Change font size using key-board:

  • To increase the font size select that word/s first .
  • Then press Ctrl +] buttons.
  • To reduce the font size select the word and press Ctrl + [ buttons.
  • Alternate  way to increase the font size- select the word/s and press Ctrl + Shift+>.  To  decrease the font select word/s and press Ctrl + Shift+<.

6. Underline words using keyboard

  • To underline a word you have to select the word first.
  • Then press Ctrl+U.
  •  To Double Underline a word, select the word and press Ctr+Shift + D .

7. Superscript and Subscript letters:

  • To add Superscript character you have to write the charter after the main word
  • Then you have to select the character and press Ctrl , then Shift and then + button .
  • In this case you have to use the + button, which is on the alphabet side of the keyboard.
  • To Subscript a character select the character first and then press the Ctrl button along with the button +, which is situated just above the alphabet portion of your keyboard.

8. Copy the formatting rules of any word and apply it to other words or paragraph:

  • Select the word/s and press Ctrl+shift+C  to  copy the associated format rules of that word/s.
  • Then select some other words in the Workbook and press Ctrl+Shift + V  to apply that copied format rules on those selected words.

9. Select Words one by one using keyboard:

Place the cursor at the beginning of the word and hold the Ctrl  key along with Shift key and then press Right Arrow(→) to select the word one by one .

10. How does ‘Go To’ button work:

  • In the Workbook screen press F5 button to open Go To box .
  • On the left panel (Go To what) of the box, several options are there. If you want to go to specific page then select page from the left panel and then enter the page no at the right side box .Then click ‘Next’. If you write +1 instead of specific page no. and click Next button then, the cursor will be shifted from its current page to next page.
  • In this way you can select Section, Line etc. and perform operation. You can perform Go To operation on Bookmark, Comment, Footnote, Table Graphic, Equation etc. also.

11. How  to open ‘Save As’  box using Keyboard.

In the Workbook press F12 and the Save As box will be opened immediately. You can write the name of your document and save it at any location.

12. How to check spelling:

  • To check the spelling of all the words you’ve wrote in the document, press F7 button.Then Spelling and Grammar Checker will be appeared on the screen.
  • If there is any error in the words then that word/s will be populated into ‘Not in Dictionary’ field and the suggested correct words will be listed in the ‘Suggestion’ box.
  • Select the correct word from the ‘Suggestion’ box and click on ‘Change’ button.
  • Then the wrong word will be corrected.
  • If any word, you think is correct but it’s not in the inbuilt dictionary then you can add that word into the dictionary after clicking ‘Add to Dictionary’ button.

13. How to split the document:

  • Suppose you have already completed writing in the first three pages .Now you have just started to write on the fourth page but, now you want to check some old data on the first page. So you have to scroll up to first page again to check those things.
  • In this scenario you can split the Workbook into two or more sections and set the first page in any one of the first section and do the writing on the other section. To split the word document press Alt+Ctrl+S .

14. How to insert Current Date and Time in the document:

To insert current date  press Alt+Shift+D. To insert current time press Alt+shift+T .

15. How to select a line using keyboard:

  • To select a line at a time, you have to place the cursor at the beginning of the line and press Shift+Home.
  • Suppose the cursor is at the end of the line and you want to select that line then press Shift+ END .That line will be selected from the end to the start of the line.
  • You can apply these shortcut keys even if the cursor is at the middle of the line, but in that case cursor’s primary position will be treated as, start of the line for the 1st technique and end of the line for the 2nd technique.

 16. Shortcut techniques to draw Lines

  • Write hyphen ( – ) three times and press Enter , a thin straight line will be created.
  • Then write underscore ( _ ) three times and hit Enter, a thick straight line will be created.
  • Now write Equal sign (=) three times and hit enter; more thick straight line will be created.
  • In the same way write * (asterisk symbol) , # (hash symbol),~(tilt symbol) to create different pattern of line.

17. Format a rectangular portion of a paragraph using mouse and Alt Key.

Press Alt then drag mouse over the paragraph to select particular portion and then change the format. Change color, font etc. of the selected area.

18. How to delete the next and previous word to the cursor.

Press ‘Del’  button to delete the next word of the cursor. Press Ctrl+ Back space to delete the previous word of the cursor.

19.  Select lines one by one using keyboard.

The next Microsoft word tips and tricks is on selecting line one by one by keyboard.For this do the following .

  • Place the cursor at the beginning of the line and press F8.
  • Then press up/down arrow to select line one by one.

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