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Top 5 websites to learn coding in 2020

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments


In this article we are going to highlight some important and beneficial websites to learn coding. If you are a novice at coding and want to learn it for the very first time ,we are here to help you out with giving some free websites name,where you can practice coding  from the zero level. We have created the list from very basic stage to a superior stage to master the coding
( keeping it in mind that ,anyone who has a desire to learn programming , but has no prior knowledge of it.). Courses in most of these websites are available at free of cost and in some cases negligible prices are associated with some courses. So here is the list .


This website is a guide to coding introduction .If you are a novice at coding,this website will really be helpful to understand the function,conditional statements,iteration and other fundamental concept of coding. It has beautifully demonstrated the fundamental coding through some games and puzzles. After completing some of its games and other learning stuff you will be able to think about how algorithms are made, how to make a decision  wrt. computer. is a non profit organization,aiming to spread the computer programming knowledge to a vast majority of school goers and anyone can participate to its coding stuff.


After you have gathered the basic knowledge, you can go with Codecademy is an organization,delivers training or tutorial on most of the on demand computer languages.From Html to python ,so many languages can be learned from its online platform.There are lots of tutorials that are accessible at free of cost.Some tutorials comes with minimal charges.

 1. The unique thing about code academy is that ,first of all it gives a clear understanding on particular topic and show you how to construct the code for that particular lesson.Then it will prompt you to complete the assigned task related to previously taught lesson. After completing the same,you will face next stages.This  is a very good approach to learn coding  from a learner’s point of view.

2.  Another great feature of Codecademy is it’s online editor .It provides an online code editor and you can compile codes online .No need to install editor and compiler in local PC.



Udemy is another good online platform for learning several programming languages, as well as several other professional courses .Though Udemy offers mostly paid courses but, you can avail those at huge discounted price at the time of occasional sale days.They offer big  amount of discounts at Christmas sale,Black Friday sale and many other regional festival sales. But, you have to choose the courses wisely, there are so many previews of tutorials available;from those you have to select the best one for you.

Those who want to get instructor led training ,udemy is the best choice for them.In some cases they offer certificates ,after completing the courses properly. The best things of Udemy  are –

1.  Instructs or Teachers : It has large no of industry  experienced and skilled teachers ,who offers the courses very systematically and the assignments oriented teaching helps learner to grasp the base.

2.  All time accessible courses: Once you have purchased a course ,then the tutorials are all time accessible for you. You can access the tutorials at your suitable time from anywhere.


As you know YouTube is everywhere now.You can get anything on youtube at free of cost.Search for your required topic on youtube and will get that immediately.There are huge no of videos available on any particular topic and promotional stuff associated with  almost every video (unless you get a membership).You have to choose the most suitable videos among those wisely ,otherwise it will kill your time. We think that , youtube is very helpful at the time,when you get stuck in understanding a particular topic of a chapter and did not get the solution immediately. Youtube is the easiest solution for that  (If you think watching and listening to the solution is better than reading the solution at a website,then youtube is perfect one for you).

W3SCHOOLS.COM is another website for learning html, css .Net,php,Python and many more.HTML,CSS,XML,Xml DOM structure,JAVAScript etc. are beautifully demonstrated to learners . It has inbuilt Editor and compiler. You can build a solid understanding of web-elements , attributes,tags,css class,ids etc. after completing the tutorials properly. This is a very old website, many programming aspirants’ common place was this website.
W3Schools was originally created in 1998 by Refsnes Data, a Norwegian software development and consulting company.


This is not a website for learning in step by step way, rather it’s a website where you can get a solution to almost every query or problem generated from the universe of coding. This is an online platform for millions of programmers.They are helping each other on building a beautiful coding environment. If you find any problem in coding ,search the solution here. If it is not in the list,then raise a question and after sometime it will be answered from programmers of different parts of  the world.
Once you have completed the basic programming courses , this website will be a helping hand for you for every query you faced during the coding.



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